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Results - Topic: Recording Systems

Analytics - Good Business For Public Safety

Voice and data analytics have been a positive influence in private business for years. This technology has proven to be a productive tool for improving customer service; recognizing trends improving products, productivity, customer needs and desires; and improving call handling by customer services representatives. Only recently has this technology been recognized as having potential in the Public Safety environment.

ASC is Only Certified Provider for the Recording of Airbus TETRA 7.0

ASC’s recording software, EVOIPneo, has become the sole certified solution for recording communications within TETRA 7.0 Airbus networks. TETRA is a universal digital radio standard enabling mission-critical communications among disparate public safety organizations during an emergency situation.


ASC Receives ISO Certification for Environmental Management System

ASC, a leading global provider of innovative solutions to record, analyze and evaluate communications, has announced that its environmental management system was certified on February 9th. The certification documents the success of ASC's long-standing environmental commitment to recycling, waste management and lower consumption of paper, power and water. The company also limits travel activities in a way designed to preserve worldwide resources and reduce CO2 emissions.

Automatically Search Audio Recordings for Key Spoken Words

The Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1) initiative seeks to significantly expand the capabilities of today's emergency 9-1-1 centers in order to optimize call-taker performance and enhance the center's overall incident response and resolution efforts. Primarily focused on a center's ability to handle text, data, images and video, there is another significant component to also consider - the use of audio-based intelligence in the mission-critical emergency services environment.

Business Process Optimization for Public Safety Answering Points

Historically, Public Safety Answering Points were equipped with communications recording systems for protection from liability due to legal evaluation of emergencies. This function was facilitated by time stamps, protection from tampering and assurance of fail-safe operation.

Call Recorders: Technology Tools For Emergency Management

This article will attempt to justify including call recorders fitted with QA and Analytics capabilities in EOCs as a viable technology tool for the preparing for and responding to local disasters, impending or actual. These capabilities can be used for quality assurance on Citizen Information Lines (CIL) for the training and re-training of call handlers and volunteers for both voice and data call handling. They can be used for call data analysis for events prior-to, during, and after for ESN...

Central Minnesota Emergency Services Board to Implement Verint Audiolog for Public Safety Solution

Verint Systems Inc. has announced that Central Minnesota Emergency Services Board, the emergency service board for 19 central Minnesota counties and the City of St. Cloud, will implement its Audiolog for Public Safety solution to support the region’s emergency response system.

Cincinnati Fire Department Deploys SafetyPAD EMS Information Systems

Evaluating Emergency Calls: Tools for Dispatcher Effectiveness

Public safety communications centers that record calls for compliance shouldn't overlook the usefulness of those recordings in evaluating dispatcher performance. That's a lesson learned from the call center industry, where recording and evaluation is widespread.

Eventide Recorder Certified For Interoperability With Avtec Scout VoIP Console System

Eventide has announced that Avtec, Inc. has certified Eventide's communications logging recorders for integration with the Avtec Scout VoIP console system. Certification was achieved upon successful completion of interoperability testing at Avtec's product integration testing facility.

EXACOM Successfully Completes Enterprise Recording Solution for Sarasota and Manatee Counties in Florida

EXACOM has recently deployed a multi-site, multi- agency, enterprise recording solution for Sarasota & Manatee Counties, Florida. This project and solution incorporates the recording of VoIP 911 audio and data, legacy audio from multiple sources, including P25 trunked radio voice communications. The Exacom system is part of the Airbus DS-Communications VESTA Radio solution being provided to the counties.

From the Chair: "Living La Vida Macro"

Airplanes have black boxes. Sports, the instant replay. And dispatchers have the call logger. Each of these is invaluable when analyzing an incident. However, they don't tell the whole story. This is especially true of loggers in the dispatch center. This installment of "From the Chair" discusses the pitfalls of using a single-channel recording when investigating the handling of a call.

HigherGround Joins Cisco Solution Partner Program, Introduces the Instant Connect Recording Solution

Critical communications leader HigherGround announced that it has joined the Cisco Solution Partner Program as the primary provider of interaction recording solutions for Cisco Instant Connect. Instant Connect enables interoperable dispatch networks and command centers for first responders and field workers, connecting radio, IP, Wi-Fi, and other signals into a single, rapidly deployed system.

HigherGround offers new features for the Capture911 call recording solution

Introduced this week at the National Emergency Number Association conference in Denver, CO, HigherGround offers two new features for the Capture911 call recording solution - Speech Analytics and Mobile Recording. These valuable tools offer many benefits to improve intelligent recording and incident reconstruction in emergency dispatch facilities.

LAPD Selects Spacenet To Keep Officers Connected Throughout The City

Spacenet Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd. and a leading provider of broadband network solutions, announced that its Emergency Communications Services (ECS) and associated high performance equipment are being used to support the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD).

NG9-1-1 Recording and Quality Assurance Resource Guide

Public safety emergency communications have never been on the threshold of greater change than they are today. PSAPs, both large and small, are now preparing for Next Generation 9-1-1 to keep up with the rapidly evolving world of mobile, multimedia and IP communications. This ground-breaking resource guide discusses what you need to look for in a new recording and quality assurance system to meet the challenges arising from Next Generation 9-1-1.

NICE Helps Prince George's County Get NG9-1-1-ready

Prince George's County, Maryland has commissioned NICE Systems to upgrade the communications recording systems at its main 9-1-1 center in Bowie, Maryland, and to equip the new 9-1-1 backup center at its Landover complex with upgraded NG9-1-1-ready technology as well.

NICE Introduces Cloud-ready Text-to-911 Recording Solution for AGENT511 TEXTBLUE Platform

NICE is offering the first cloud-ready Text-to-9-1-1 recording solution for AGENT511's TEXTBLUE multimedia messaging platform. The NICE Inform solution allows agencies using the AGENT511 TEXTBLUE platform to tap into state-of-the-art technology for recording 9-1-1 texts

NICE Successfully Completes Project 25 Interoperability Testing with Cassidian Communications

NICE Systems has announced that its audio recording solution has successfully completed interoperability testing with the Cassidian Communications Inc. CORP25 radio trunking system. The integration enables public safety agencies and other security organizations to communicate across multiple vendors' systems that are based on P25 industry standards.

NICE to Supply Philadelphia PD with Expanded 9-1-1 Call Recording and Incident Management Capacity for Pope Francis Visit

NICE Systems has announced that it will be supplying the Philadelphia Police Department with additional 9-1-1 call recording and incident management capacity for Pope Francis' upcoming visit to the U.S. NICE is donating its technology and services to help the Police Department equip a temporary 9-1-1 center that will be set up to handle the anticipated higher volume of calls during the event.

Nuance Announces New Dragon Law Enforcement Solution

Nuance Communications, Inc. has announced Nuance Dragon Law Enforcement - its first professional productivity solution designed specifically for law enforcement professionals. Dragon Law Enforcement features powerful dictation and voice command capabilities to improve report accuracy and timeliness, speed data entry into records management systems (RMS) or other applications, and enable common look-up tasks via voice command

One of the Largest Sheriff's Departments in U.S. Deploys NICE IP Solutions to Record and Manage its Emergency Communications

The Orange County, California Sheriff’s Department, the fifth largest sheriff's department in the U.S., has deployed NICE Systems' IP solutions at its Loma Ridge Emergency Communications Bureau (ECB) in Silverado, and at a co-located radio master site, to capture and manage emergency communications. The solutions include NICE's NRX for Voice over IP (VoIP) recording, the MCC 7500 IP Radio Logger (jointly developed by NICE and Motorola Solutions), and NICE Inform for multimedia incident...

Play it Again, Sam

A Manager's Guide to Recorder Procurement

Recording Solutions: The Collaboration of Small Agencies Can Yield Big Results

Many forward-thinking municipalities have started working together, pooling their budgets to implement the infrastructure or technology that they could not otherwise afford. Through collaboration, agencies in Minnesota - as well as Texas, California and Colorado - have profited by leveraging one system for multiple agencies through cost-sharing technology acquisitions.

San Diego Police Department selects Dynamic Instruments for its next generation Dispatch Voice Recording System

San Diego Police Department selects Dynamic Instruments for its next generation Dispatch Voice Recording System

Smarter Analytics, Smarter Emergency Services

Today's public safety agencies are being pushed to run like a business--all while under increasing pressure to take on more responsibility with constrained resources and budgets. Efficiency and speed are key operations objectives in today's public safety answering points (PSAPs).

Solacom & ECaTS complete testing of new NG9-1-1 i3 call logging solution

Solacom Technologies, a prominent NG9-1-1 solutions developer and ECaTS, a leading software company owned by California based Direct Technology, announced that they have completed integration testing of a next generation Call Detail Record (CDR) logging interface for more effectively gathering, viewing and distributing a greater variety of data for public safety answering points (PSAPs).

Speech Analytics Now Primed For 'Law' And 'Order'

The use of automated speech recognition technology in business is nothing new. We see it all the time in the customer service industry - with voice-directed call routing, voice verification, identification of unhappy customers and so on. Albeit an advancement with tremendous value, we have not yet seen it used in the emergency services industry. You may be asking why. Perhaps it is due to the complex implementation processes often seen when trying to use this technology.

Synergem Announces Addition of EvolutionISR Interactive Session Recording

A carrier-grade Interactive Session Recorder (ISR), EvolutionISR is specifically designed to overcome the unique challenges associated with capturing, securing, archiving and managing interactive session recordings in IP telephony environments. As NG9-1-1 brings broadband communications capabilities to 9-1-1 call centers, with video, text and other data delivered and utilized as part of the 9-1-1 call handling process, EvolutionISR will ensure that all these data are captured, recorded and...

Text-to-911 Trailblazer BVCOG Deploys NICE Inform Text Recording Solution

NICE has announced that the Brazos Valley Council of Governments' (BVCOG) seven Texas 9-1-1 centers are deploying NICE Inform to record and manage reproduction requests for all emergency calls, including Text-to-9-1-1 communications.

The Two Major Roles of Public Safety Recording Systems

Recording systems for public safety agencies may be viewed from two different perspectives: their performance during an event and their performance after one. During an emergency, the protection of lives and property eclipses all other needs. Recording systems must meet special demands, improve performance, and make a tough job easier for police, firefighters, air-traffic controllers, and other public safety officials. After an event, a precise analysis can be equally crucial because it...

Verint Audiolog Receives New Certification from Harris Corporation

Verint Systems Inc. has announced that its Impact 360 for Public Safety Powered by Audiolog solution has passed interoperability testing with System Releases OR9C for OpenSky and PR9C for P25IP from Harris Corporation, a leading provider of advanced communication systems for government and industry.

Verint Earns Certification with Avtec's Scout VoIP Console System

Avtec Inc. reports that Verint Systems Inc. has earned a gold-level certification designation. The company’s Audiolog for Public Safety solution successfully completed interoperability testing with Avtec's Scout 2.4 VoIP radio dispatching console. All tests were conducted at Avtec's product integration testing facility in South Carolina and completed in May 2012.

Verint Receives Certification from Harris, Reinforcing Performance in the Public Safety IP Radio Systems Market

Verint Systems Inc. has announced that its Impact 360 for Public Safety Powered by Audiolog solution has passed interoperability testing with the OpenSky R7 and P25 R6 Trunked Radio Systems from Harris Corporation, a leading provider of advanced critical radio communication systems for government and industry.

Verint Supports NG9-1-1 with Enhancements to Multimedia Public Safety Solution

Verint Systems Inc. has announced a series of enhancements to its Impact 360 for Public Safety Powered by Audiolog software, the company's most robust workforce optimization solution specifically designed to enhance accuracy and performance in today's Next-Generation 9-1-1 emergency communications and public safety command and control environments. With these enhancements, the company is introducing robust incident reconstruction capabilities and support for a host of new requirements...

Verint Systems Introduces Forecasting and Scheduling Capabilities to Its Impact 360 for Public Safety Solution

Verint Systems Inc. has announced the availability of new forecasting and scheduling functionality to its Impact 360 for Public Safety Powered by Audiolog solution. The workforce optimization software is designed for today's public safety answering points (PSAPs), command and control, and emergency communications centers.

Zetron Partners with Eventide to Offer Logging Recorder

A new partnership between Eventide and Zetron allows Zetron to offer the Eventide NexLog logging recorder through its various distribution channels. In addition, NexLog will be integrated with Zetron's MAX Dispatch, MAX Call-Taking and Acom systems to provide customers with a comprehensive, single-supplier incident-management solution.

Zetron's MAX Dispatch Tests Successfully with CVDS ComLog Logging Recorder

Zetron, a leading provider of mission-critical communications solutions, announced that its MAX Dispatch system has just completed successful testing with the CVDS Com Log Logging Recorder. To achieve this high level of integration, CVDS adapted its logging recorder according to the MAX Dispatch interface specifications Zetron provided.

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